Comics And Kidnaps And Threeways, Oh My

| Romantic | January 17, 2014

(I’m chatting/flirting with a girl that I had met at a very busy comic convention.)

Girl: “So, I was jokingly telling my sister how we met today.”

Me: “Oh? What did you say?”

Girl: “That a complete stranger took me by my hand and dragged me to safety away from a swarming crowd of people.”

Me: “You make it sound like I kidnapped you!”

Girl: “Nah. More like you saved a damsel in distress!”

Me: “Say, I’m going to spend week in England with [Female Friend] around April. First half to visit castles in Scotland, second half at London, final day to attend the [Band] concert. Would you like to come?”

Girl: “Castle? Band? H***, YEAH!”

Me: “Of the times I’ve invited girls I barely know to travel abroad, this is the first time I get a yes instead of ‘but what if you are a maniac who will rape me then murder me and drop me in the woods?'”

Girl: “Maybe it’ll be the other way around! MWAHAHAHAHA!”

Me: “I don’t know if I should be worried or flattered.”

Girl: “Is [Female Friend] your girlfriend?”

Me: “Not really… We’re in a kind of open relationship. She’s more like a friend to me. She’s bi and so am I. We’re kin spirits, so to say. Usually she’s the judge of whether a girl is right for me or not.”

Girl: “So to marry you I’d have to bone your female BFF?”

Me: “Pretty much. Welcome to the harem!”

Girl: “Is she hot, at least?”

(I link her some pictures.)

Girl: “Yay, threesome!”

Me: “I still don’t know if I should be worried or flattered…”

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