When It Comes To The Flavors They’re Green

, , , | Right | December 29, 2017

(Our sugar-free flavors of ice cream change often. This week, the soft serve is pistachio. I’m training, so I let the newbie take the order while I answer questions.)

Customer: “What are your sugar-free flavors?”

Newbie: “Soft-serve pistachio and hand-dipped strawberry.”

Customer: “Is there any chocolate in the pistachio?”

Newbie: *looks at me, since she hasn’t had orders for it yet*

Me: “No, it’s pistachio.”

Customer: “What color is the pistachio?”

Me: “It’s green.”

Customer: “So, is it, like, minty?”

Me: “It’s pistachio.”

Customer: “So, there’s no mint?”

Me: “It’s pistachio. Like the nut.”

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