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Comedy Is Of Utmost Importance!

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Every year for Christmas, my sister gets my dad a page-a-day calendar that has a one-frame comic on one side and a joke, puzzle, or trivia on the back. He texts the comic/joke/whatever to his friends or family members when he thinks they would appreciate the humor or he thinks it’s relevant to their life, i.e. a medical joke for a doctor, a classroom comic for a teacher, etc.

I am known for not checking my phone as often as my parents would like me to. My dad is not the most technologically advanced. I am at his house one evening.

Dad: “Did you get my comic that I sent you today?”

Me: “No, I don’t think so.”

Dad: “Really? I sent it to you this morning.”

Me: “I don’t remember seeing… Oh… Wait… Yeah, I think I did get it. I didn’t see it yet.”

Dad: *Feigning hurt feelings* “What? You didn’t bother to look at it?”

Me: “I remember getting the notification that I got a picture message from you, but I didn’t actually look at it yet.”

Dad: “What if it was me telling you there was an emergency and to come home?”

Me: “I’d hope you would call for that, but if you texted there was an emergency, I would have seen the words in the notification. If it’s a picture, it just says, ‘picture message.’”

Dad: “What if I was in a life-or-death scenario and told you I was dying and you’d have to come save me quickly?”

Me: *Starting to laugh* “I’d hope you’d call 911, but again, if you texted words, I would have read them in the notification.”

Dad: “What if I was dying, I needed you to save me, and I could only muster up a picture of myself to send to you?”

Me: “You’re telling me that you’re about to die, and the quickest, most efficient solution you can come up with is sending me a picture?”

He starts acting out a dramatic death scene.

Dad: “[My Name]… Save… me… Click.

Me: *Crying with laughter* “You’re dying. You take out your phone. Instead of dialing 911 or asking Siri call someone, you find your camera, turn it to selfie mode, take a picture, open up messages, find my name, attach a photo, and press send? That’s somehow easier?”

Dad: “Just read the comic next time!”

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