Come And Ride The Karma Wheel

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(On a very hot day, I am operating a ride which spins and goes side to side… which makes people sick. Very often. The ride seats about 32 people at a time and seating can be difficult once in a while. On this particularly hot day, we have been struggling to seat a taller but very fit guest and have to do some moving around to get him in a more comfortable spot.)

Other Rider: “Dude, suck in your gut! You’re wasting our time!”

Me: “Don’t listen; you’re just taller so we need to switch your seat so your shoulders fit better.”

Coworker: “Hey! No need to be rude; we’ll get it started soon enough.”

(The rude rider then thought it was funny to start chanting with two of his buddies, saying, “Suck it in, suck it in, suck it in!” My co-operator and I started the ride and, as usual, everyone was having fun… until we heard a loud gasp and screaming… followed by a ton of puke hitting the center platform. I hit the emergency brake and waited for the ride to stop. It took a few minutes for it to stop completely turning and for the platform to rise… and then, like music to our ears… the taller guest and some strangers around him could be heard chanting, “He ate puke, he ate puke, he ate puke!” A kid decided to eat too many snacks before riding and puked all over that rude guy. Cleaning that vomit was definitely worth watching him do his walk of shame!)

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