Combo Failure

, , , | Right | February 22, 2018

(While I’m on register, three customers come in at once, and none of them know what they want. My coworker is on break and I am the only one on register, but as it’s Saturday and has been slow, I’m not too worried.)

Customer #1: “Oh, you can go ahead!”

Customer #2: “All right. What’s a ‘You Pick Two’? Like, what’s actually in it?”

Me: “You pick any two items on the menu for a half-size; the items are half their normal prices and added together.”

Customer #2: “But how much is it?”

Me: “It depends on what you get; some items are more expensive than others.”

Customer #2: “I want a soup and sandwich and a drink.”

Me: “Do you know which kind?”

Customer #2: “No.”

Me: “…”

Customer #2: “Well?”

Me: *chooses most popular items* “That would be around $10.”

Customer #2: “I’m not paying that much! I’m really hungry. I’ll have a soup, sandwich, and salad; how much would that be?”

Me: “Would you want the full items?”

Customer #2: “Yes.”

Me: “It’d be roughly $30.”

(The line has now grown, and two more women are behind him. My manager finally notices and comes up front.)

Manager: “I can help whoever’s ready!”

Customer #2: “What’s an Italian combo?”

(I rattle off the many meats and am hoping he will decide on that.)

Customer #2: “All right, I’ll have that, and that comes with a side and a soda? Like a combo deal?”

(Many customers usually go with water because of this, so our store has items that come with sides, but drinks are an extra charge.)

Me: “The Italian combo does come with a choice of apple, chips, or baguette, but if you’d like to have a drink it’ll be an upcharge of $1.89.”

Customer #2: “What?! Why is it called an ‘Italian combo,’ then?”

Me: “That’s just the name of the sandwich, sir.”

Customer #2: “Other places have these combos; why don’t you? This is ridiculous!” *begins to walk away* “YOU’VE LOST A CUSTOMER!”

Manager: “Hey, don’t worry about it.”

Me: *with a big smile* “I can help whoever’s ready!”

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