Colour-Blind To Reason

, , , | Friendly | June 5, 2017

(I am on the toilet. The door is locked and a little indicator on the outside to shows that it is occupied. I am just “finishing up” when someone plays with the handle and knocks very loudly on the door. Thinking I will literally be out in five seconds, I don’t say anything. There is then a very loud smack against the door which shakes the room. I flush the toilet and open the door. There is a guy literally charging at the door and practically rugby tackles me onto the toilet.)

Me: *getting up* “What the h*** are you doing?”

Worker: “I didn’t think anyone was in!”

Me: “So you decided to charge the door? If the door didn’t open, you should have expected someone to be in there.”

Worker: “You didn’t shout.”

Me: “I shouldn’t have to. The indicator on the lock says if it’s occupied.” *showing him* “White is open; red is occupied.”

Worker: “I’m colour-blind. I can’t tell the difference.”

Me: “You do realise you’ve just told me you can’t tell the difference between white and not-white?”

Worker: “I’m colour-blind. I can’t tell the difference.”

(He then used the toilet next to me which, from what I was aware, had been open the whole time I was in there.)

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