Colorful Language

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(I work at a store that has a little table at the front with toys and coloring books for kids to play with while their parents take care of business. A woman comes in one day with a little boy who can’t be any more than about four years old, who sits quietly coloring the entire time his mother is at the counter. The mother finishes up and the following conversation happens.)

Mother: “Okay, I’m all done! Time to put the coloring book away, honey.”

Child: “No, I’m still coloring.”

Mother: “You can color at home, baby.”

Child: “No. I don’t have a sketchbook at home.”

Mother: “It’s okay, sweetie, we’ll buy you a new sketchbook at another store.”

Child: “NO! I need… this notebook for my new sketchbook.” *he points to a small and so very overpriced notebook that we sell*

Mother: “No, baby, you don’t need that one. I promise we’ll get you a notebook at a different store. A bigger one! Is that okay?”

Child: “No! You’re being a God-d***ed b****!”

(The mother didn’t even react; it was like she heard that language from him on a daily basis. She grabbed his hand and they left the store without another word.)

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