Color Me Surprised

, , , | Learning | October 24, 2018

(I’m a philosophy teacher in high school, but a friend is very ill and asks me to cover her as an art teacher in elementary. I’m not used to dealing with eight-year-old students, and after this, I realize I really can’t do it.)

Me: “So, listen up. [Teacher] couldn’t come today. But I will be here to help you. Please finish the project you started last week; when you do it, please bring it to me.”

(This project it supposed to make them busy for at least one hour, but a girl comes to me just a few minutes after I gave the instruction.)

Girl: “Miss, I finished my project.”

Me: “Okay, then. Be sure it has your name on it and give it to me.”

(She brings it to me.)

Me: “Now, here, you have this mandala. [Teacher] wants each student to color one, to decorate the back wall of the class.”

(Just a few minutes later she is in front of me again.)

Girl: “I’m done!” *hands the mandala to me*

Me: “But you only painted the star in the center. What happened to all the rest?”

Girl: *in a very secure voice* “I painted it white!”

(I really didn’t know how to answer that.)

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