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[Colleague #1] Said It Best

, , , , , | Working | September 2, 2022

On a Friday at lunchtime, I’m sitting in my office talking to two of my colleagues. We’re all male.

Colleague #1: “Hey, [My Name], any weekend plans?”

I tell him my plans. He turns to [Colleague #2].

Colleague #1: “What about you, [Colleague #2]? Any plans?”

[Colleague #2] laughs.

Colleague #2: “Yeah. Hah! Babysitting!”

[Colleague #1] and I are intrigued.

Colleague #1: “Oh, really? Who are you babysitting?”

Colleague #2: *Looking confused* “Uh… my son?”

[Colleague #1] gives me an “Is he serious?” sort of look.

Colleague #1: “Your son? Uh… [Colleague #2]? That’s not ‘babysitting’. That’s called ‘parenting’!”

I did laugh at that one; he did have a point!

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