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Cold Hard Cash

, , , | Right | May 29, 2020

I am a bagger, so I am walking around cleaning trash and checking to see how many customers are left because the store is closing relatively soon. This lady walks in and heads over to the bakery, grabs a roll, starts eating it, smiles at me, and then heads down the medicine/healthcare aisle. Ten or fifteen minutes go by, and we have one final rush of the night so I open an extra register.

Customer: “Why the f*** is it so cold in here?!”

Me: “The store has to be kept at a certain temperature because otherwise some of the product will go bad.”

Customer: “This is bulls***! It’s f****** freezing in here! Can’t you turn the heat up?!”

Me: “No, ma’am. I don’t control the temperature, nor do I know how to adjust it.”

Customer: “Yeah, well, this is why I shop at [Another Store] instead of this f****** place because you’re all rude pieces of s***!”

Me: “…”

She proceeds to load her items onto the belt. She then opens her purse and shows me an unopened box of condoms.

Customer: “These are mine; are you gonna charge me for them?!

Me: “No… but I am going to charge you for the roll I saw you eating.”

Customer: “What?! Why don’t you just charge me 100 f****** dollars, then, you ugly a**hole!”

Me: “Calm down, ma’am. It’s a fifty-cent roll; it’s far from 100 dollars.”

She then throws her money at me, and without hesitation, she grabs her bag and starts heading for the door. We are collecting donations right now. Her total was around $8.50 and she gave me a ten.

Me: “Do you want your change?”

Customer: “F*** you!”

Me: “Cool. Thanks for the dollar donation!”

She headed for the door, so I started waving and saying, “BYE!” really loudly. She screamed profanity at me, as well as being racist towards my manager, who was Hispanic. She then reached her hand into her bag, grabbed a container of salad dressing she had just bought, attempted to throw it at me, missed horribly, and then stormed out.

She called the next day threatening to come back with a weapon, but I never saw her again.

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