Coining A Phrase

| Oxnard, CA, USA | Learning | March 20, 2014

(A classmate is trying to get a soda from a vending machine. The machine not only refuses his coins, but his bills, so he starts to push and shake the machine in anger.)

Classmate: “Man, if I don’t get a soda I’m gonna go berserk here!”

(I use my debit card to buy it for him, which works.)

Classmate: “… So, the machine accepts the card, but not coins or bills? What the h***!?”

Me: “It must be full…”

(The classmate hands me the money for buying it.)

Classmate: “Thanks, man. You saved the day!”

Me: “More like I saved us from your…” *raises glasses* “Rage, against the machine.”

Random Passing Classmate: “YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

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