Coffee Drinkers Are All Talk And Somebody Else’s Trousers

, , , , | Right | November 27, 2018

(I’m a barista at a very popular coffee chain. Even though we call out drinks with their full description AND customer name, AND the drinks are labeled, people still frequently just grab drinks that are not theirs, only to complain later that we’ve given them the wrong drink. This particular day is very busy and full of customers like that, so after my shift I call my cousin to vent about my day.)

Me: *explains drink problem* “I just do not understand! How do you just walk up, grab a random drink, and assume it’s yours, when it’s clearly not? How do these people even get their pants on in the morning?!”

Cousin: “Apparently they put on someone else’s pants in the morning.”

(She left me near tears with that one; I couldn’t stop laughing.)

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