Coffee Does Wonders

, , | Hopeless | August 11, 2016

(I work in a small “hippie” store near the college campus. It’s the week before Christmas, and I’m exhausted but still having a good time helping everyone. A customer and her husband are browsing with their toddler son in a stroller. After helping them find a piece of jewelry, this happens.)

Mother: *noticing that her son is yawning*  “Looks like we need to get Aaron a coffee!”

Me: *jokingly* “My name’s Erin and you can get me a coffee!”

(The mother, father, and I all share a chuckle, and I wish them a good day as they head out. Five minutes later, the mother returns. She’s carrying a large coffee, and a few sugar packets.)

Mother: “This is for you, from Aaron!”

(I was literally shocked into silence! It was the nicest thing anyone had done for me at that store. I loved that job, and customers like that were definitely a reason why.)

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