Cluttered Up With Ironies

, , , | Right | April 22, 2018

(This takes place at store that is part of a building that houses different programs to better your life. A customer has grabbed a cookie and come up to the counter with her husband to purchase it.)

Customer: “One cookie, please.”

Me: “That will be $1.65.”

Customer: “One second, the money is in my bag.”

(The customer begins to dig through her bag. She digs… and digs… and digs. She pulls out a banana and hands it to her husband.)

Customer: “That creates some more room.”

(She digs… and digs… She then moves off the counter and onto the floor, and continues to dig. After about ten minutes of digging…)

Customer: “There’s the ten dollars; here you go.”

Husband: “Good thing you’re in the de-cluttering program.”

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