Clubbed Out

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(While in college, I have a lot of trouble studying while living in the dorms, and am under a lot of stress. I am a member of a couple of student clubs, but then realize I don’t have the time or energy to go to activities more than a couple times a year. One of these clubs is for students with a GPA above a certain figure. I decide I can spare the time to go to its end-of-year barbecue event held on a Friday afternoon. The event turns out to be extremely dull: just a couple dozen students milling around outdoors on a patch of grass doing nothing. I don’t know anyone there, and the food is the cheapest available store-bought buns and hot dogs in bags, and “prepared” on the spot by some students on an old rusty-looking outdoor grill. I consider calling it quits and returning to my dorm to study. Then, some dude comes up to me and starts a conversation.)

Guy: “Hi there! What an awesome event, right?”

Me: “Um… Right.”

Guy: “So, I’m [Guy]. What’s your name?”

Me: “It’s [My Name].”

Guy: “So, what year are you? What are you studying?”

Me: “I’m a [year], and I’m studying [subjects].”

Guy: *over-enthusiastically* “Cool. I’m a [year]! And I’m studying [subject]! You know, I haven’t seen you at any of the [Club] events this year!”

Me: “Um, no. I suppose you haven’t.”

Guy: “The [Club] events are all so great! And [Club] is so important!”

Me: “Um…”

Guy: *all of a sudden staring at me with laser-eyes, and in a much more serious voice* “How come you haven’t shown up to any other events?”

Me: *taken aback* “Uh, well, I came to one or two, actually, but honestly I just became so distracted and busy this year with all my classes, and studying, and all the other things I had to do that I wasn’t able to make any time for attending events.”

(He then aims an extremely judgmental look at me.)

Guy: *very skeptically* “Oh, come on! We all have school!” *obnoxious tone* “And I managed to make time to come to the events! We all did! So, obviously, anyone can! You really shouldn’t be so self-centered and lazy, you know!”

Me: *just stares at him with my jaw dropped*

(I judged it pointless to say anything and just walked away. I left about ten minutes later. It really was a complete waste of time. After this, I stopped attending any club events at all as a rule, and never signed up for any new clubs, either. Since they seem to be frequented by such judgmental jerks, I considered it good riddance. My time and effort was much better spent studying or reading for relaxation.)

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