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Clowning Around With Your Friends

, , , , , | Friendly | November 9, 2015

(During the Halloween season, my local amusement park turns into a “haunted” park. It’s great fun with multiple attractions, one of which is a very slow ride on tracks through an “old abandoned chemical factory.” Completely in the dark, at different points in the ride, people dressed as monsters pop out and say scary things or go “boo” or whatever. My friend and her husband are riding, and my friend HATES clowns.)

Friend: “If something jumps out at me, I’m going to scream!”

Friend’s Husband: “Well, that’s kind of the point of a haunted house–”

(Suddenly, a worker dressed as a creepy zombie clown pops up out of nowhere and starts following the car.)

Creepy Clown: “BOO!”

Friend: *screams*

Friend’s Husband: “Oh, come on, that wasn’t even that scary— Wait. Don’t I know you? [Clown’s Real Name], is that you?!”

Creepy Clown: *straightens posture and smiles* “Oh, hey, dude! Haven’t seen you since high school! What’s up?!”

Friend’s Husband: “Nothing much, just figured we’d stop by here on my day off. Nice weather for it.”

Creepy Clown: “Isn’t it, though? Well, hope you have fun!”

Friend’s Husband: “Thanks, dude! See ya!”

Creepy Clown: “See ya later!” *goes back to creepy posture and voice, then turns toward my still-cowering friend* “BOO! I’ll see you later, as wellllll!” *laughs evilly and then runs off*

Friend’s Husband: * bursts into laughter*

Friend: “I HATE YOU ALL!”

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