Closing The Windows On This Scam, Part 2

Working | April 7, 2016

Caller: “Hello, I am calling from Windows Computers. We have been notified that your computer is infested with viruses and are here to walk you through the repair process.”

Me: “Really? Are you sure about that?”

Caller: “Yes, there are many viruses on your machine. It needs to be repaired immediately.”

Me: “Well, that’s unfortunate, especially since when I bought this I was told by the store clerk that it was an Apple iMac.”

Caller: “Sorry?”

Me: “Yeah. It’s got the Apple logo on the front, the silver trim, the desktop theme… If this is in fact a Windows machine then it’s a d*** impressive forgery.”

Caller: “Ermm…”

Me: “Think I may have to go back to that store clerk and have a few words about his deception. Maybe exchange a few bullets at the same time. Can I call you back? I gotta go load up my guns.”

Caller: “Uh, no… I think we called the wrong number. Sorry!”

(The caller hung up and I went back to using my very legitimate Apple computer.)


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