Closing The Door On Humanity

, , , , | Right | August 17, 2018

(I’m heading into the grocery story where there are two sets of sliding doors with the carts located in the middle. As I walk through the first doors I notice a cart parked blocking the interior doors. Inside the cart are tools and a tool box. Just inside the doors, a man is setting up a ladder and checking the automatic door sensor. I move to the side, get a cart, and wipe down the handle with the provided anti-bacterial wipes. By the time I finish this, the man has removed the ladder and is moving the cart away from the door.)

Me: “Can I enter through this door now?”

Maintenance Man: “Yes, ma’am, I’ve just finished my work.”

Me: “Thank you!”

Maintenance Man: “I don’t mean to take up your time, but I wanted to tell you that I’ve been here for an hour and you’re the first person to ask me if it’s okay to use this door.”

Me: *incredulously* “Really?!”

Maintenance Man: “I’ve had people push past me to get in and one woman even cussed at me when I told her she needed to use the other door.”

(He points to the “exit” door which is literally ten feet away.)

Me: “Well, thank you very much for fixing the door!”

(I left to do my shopping, wondering why people can’t just be nice!)

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