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Closing In On Them

, , , | Right | January 27, 2020

(I work in a large, extremely popular retail store. I am working the closing shift.)

PA System: “[Store] will be closing in five minutes! Please bring your items to the registers.”

Supervisor: *over the radio* “Please walk your sections and make sure all of our guests have left the store.” 

(I am not working this specific section, but I know for a fact that two women are still in the shoes, so I go check on them. When I get there, they are trying on sweaters. Yes. Sweaters in the shoe section.)

Me: “How are you guys doing tonight?” 

(They ignore me.)

PA System: “The store will be closing in five minutes. Please walk up to the registers.”  

Me: *quietly over my radio* “Supervisor, there are two females in shoes and I don’t think they’re done shopping.”

Supervisor: “Well, you’d better tell them they need to leave as the registers are closing down, and you need to clock out.”

Me: *to the oldest-looking woman* “Ma’am, I’m afraid I have to ask you to head to the register with your items.”

(Nothing happens for a few minutes. I am, unfortunately, not a fan of confrontation, so I contemplate what to do, but then the lights go out throughout the store. It is now five minutes past closing. Without acknowledging me at all, the women begin to walk past me.)

Younger-Looking Woman: *directed at me but said to her companion* “Wow, just going to turn the lights off on their customers. That’s so incredibly rude. They’re all such little b****es here.” 

(Because wanting to go home to your family once your shift is over and having your boss yell at you to clock out as the store is completely closed is “rude.”)

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