Closed To All Reason, Part 2

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The office where I work closes at 5:30 pm. We are usually very precise about closing on time because we are generally not allowed to stay later than our scheduled shifts. I receive a phone call on this day at just about 5:00 pm.

Me: “[Company], this is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “I lost my [Company] card and I need a replacement. Can you help me?”

Me: “Yes, if you want to come in, we’d be happy to replace that card for you.”

Customer: “How late are you open?”

Me: “We close at 5:30, so you’ll need to get here in about half an hour or less.”

Customer: “All right. I’m on my way now. Can you wait for me?”

Me: *Getting a bad feeling* “How far out are you?”

At this point, my coworkers, overhearing my side of the conversation, are getting nervous.

Customer: “I’m about forty-five minutes away.”

Me: “Well, it’s already five o’clock, and we close at 5:30. If you get here in forty-five minutes, we’ll already be closed, and there will be no one here to help you.”

Customer: “But I need a new card!”

Me: “I understand that. If you can get here before 5:30, we’ll be happy to help you. Otherwise, we’d be happy to help you once we open again tomorrow morning.”

The customer goes quiet for a while, and I end the call after getting no further response. About fifteen minutes later, I can hear my supervisor on another phone call. It is the same person, and the call goes something like this.

Supervisor: “Our office closes at 5:30. You’ll need to arrive before then.”

Customer: “I’ll be there in about twenty-five minutes!”

Supervisor: “Our office closes in fifteen minutes. It may be better for you to come back tomorrow so there will be someone available to assist you.”

After the call concludes, we close the office at 5:30, with no sign of the person in question. We’ve already tried to explain twice that we can’t keep our office open past normal hours, and once we’re closed, everyone goes home for the night.

The next morning, I come in to open up for the day, and surprise, surprise. The overnight security tells me that someone came in trying to get to our office after 5:45 pm and was turned away, since we were already closed.

Closed To All Reason

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