Cling To Your Friends

| USA | Friendly | October 23, 2015

(I’m out with friends and we are comparing stories of online dating gone bad – namely ways people get clingy way too soon.)

Friend #1: “He was texting me all day. And we hadn’t even met yet, so it seemed too desperate.”

Friend #2: “Yeah, shut that stuff down.”

Best Friend: “I had this one guy that got obsessed with me really fast. After one date, he would text me with the most mundane things. Like once he texted that he saw a really cool tree.”

Me: “Are you sure that wasn’t me? That sounds like me.”

Best Friend: “No, it was [Name].”

Me: “That sounds just like me.”

Best Friend: “I mean, it was probably you too, but it makes sense when you do it.”

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