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Climbing The Stairs Of Unreason

| Related | May 6, 2015

(My dad is a bit overprotective, and he has come with me to look at apartments. He has been trying everything he can to keep me from moving out.)

Rental Agent: “So, this apartment is about 800 square feet: one bed, one bath, with a balcony.”

Dad: “Wait, it’s on the second floor?”

Me: “I prefer to be on the second floor, actually.”

Rental Agent: “Yes, it’s nice not to have anyone above you. Plus you have vaulted ceilings.”

Dad: “But all those stairs!”

Me: “Dad, stairs are good! Great workout.”

Dad: “But… what if you meet a guy, and he takes you skiing, and you break your leg?!”

(The rental agent and I were both speechless. For the record, I’ve never skiied, nor have I ever expressed a desire to do so!)

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