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Client Versus The Google

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I have a client who has been routinely getting mad at me for not doing various things that she never asked me to do (i.e., duplicate part of my website on her new site, despite never even mentioning my website to me or mentioning this design element during the consultation, or the wireframing, or the full creative, or even within two months of completing her site).

The worst part, though, was when she refused to take my advice on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices such as blogging and regular website updates and wouldn’t take out any Google ads, but got furious with me that her page doesn’t appear above companies like Home Depot and Amazon. She wants her little local company to appear above multi-billion-dollar companies on Google. For free.

This same client has asked me, on six different occasions, to fix the Google “website” link for her Google account. It links to the Contact page rather than the home page. I have responded each time saying that this is her Google account, not the website, so she will need to be the one who handles it. Two weeks later, she will text me and ask me why I haven’t fixed it yet. I reply that it’s not something I can fix; it is only fixable through her business’s Google account. And then she doesn’t reply again… until three or four weeks later when she emails me asking why this hasn’t been fixed yet. I don’t know; here is a website that has step-by-step instructions for you to fix it. Three weeks later, same question. It’s like if she doesn’t like a response, she just pretends it doesn’t exist.

From now on, if I hear from her again on the issue, I will not be responding.

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