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Client In-compliant

| Working | December 17, 2014

(We work as sysadmins. One of our duties is checking free space on disks on the servers and informing the corresponding account manager. Since we care for the servers of lots of different companies, our policy is that we never contact the client company directly, but only the account manager. This conversation is via e-mail over several days:)

Sysadmin: “Good morning. We have an alert for disk I in server [Server] belonging to [Client]. Could you free space? Thanks.”

Account Manager: “Hello. Please remove me from these notifications or at least send them to the client directly. Cheers.”

(Our manager steps in.)

Sysadmins Manager: “Hello. Could you please talk with [Senior Manager]? We have instructions to never contact the client in these cases, but [Account Manager]. Thanks.”

Account Manager: “Hello. It is true that you should not contact the client directly. You should notify them instead. Cheers.”

Sysadmins Manager: *to [Account Manager] and [Senior Manager]* “I’m copying [Senior Manager] in order to clarify this case and all similar for the future. Is the procedure for this client different or should we contact [Account Manager]? Thanks.”

Senior Manager: *including [Account Manager] in copy* “Contact [Account Manager]. Cheers.”

Sysadmins Manager: *to [Account Manager]* “Hello. Alert is still on; status is critical.”

Account Manager: “Have you contacted the client?”

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