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Clearly, They Take His Leadership VERY Seriously

, , , , | Working | CREDIT: Minotaurtoo | July 16, 2021

Our plant manager was paid production bonuses, and in his infinite wisdom (greed), he told his superiors that we could get out more production than two plants our size could get out reasonably. With the aging equipment that he refused to replace or repair, we were getting seriously behind and now needed to run twenty-four-seven just to stay as behind as we already were.

Our handbooks stated quite clearly that Sunday work was strictly voluntary and was to be “requested” by the supervisor by Thursday at lunch. Attendance on Sundays was abysmal at best since many of us had families and other important things in our life.

[Plant Manager] decided this wouldn’t do and called a plant-wide meeting on one particular Thursday right before lunch.

Plant Manager: “It has come to my attention that many of you are abusing the Sunday voluntary workday status, so I am changing this effective immediately.”

He didn’t have that authority.

Plant Manager: “So, if any of you choose not to come in on Sunday, don’t bother coming back on Monday! Understand?!”

Me: “Are you serious?”

Plant Manager: “YES!”

Me: *With a crap-eating grin* “Okay.”

Three others and I got together and decided to give him what he wanted. We didn’t come in on Sunday or Monday. By Monday morning, around 7:00 am, my phone was blowing up with texts and missed calls. Finally, I answered.

Plant Manager: “Where the h*** are you?!”

Me: *Politely* “Enjoying my day off. Thanks again”

Plant Manager: *Yelling* “What do you mean, ‘day off’? You are supposed to be here!”

Me: “No, you told us that if we didn’t come to work on Sunday not to come in on Monday, and frankly, I thought it was very nice of you to give an extra day off like that.”

Realizing he was trapped, [Plant Manager] changed his tone slightly.

Plant Manager: “Well, that’s not what I meant and you know it. Now get in here as soon as you can.”

Me: *Nicely* “Nope, you can’t back out now. Next time say what you mean. Have a nice day, see you tomorrow.”

Then, I hung up and turned off my phone. After a few other incidents like this, the company finally fired [Plant Manager] and now has a much better plant manager. It’s a great place to work now.

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