Clearing Of Throat Is Now A Language

, , , | Right | November 21, 2018

(I work at a large retail fabric and craft store. I am working register today. All available employees are at registers, except for two girls who are working at the cutting counter with their own long line. An older lady in line has been loudly clearing her throat and moaning the whole time she’s been in line. I’ve offered to let her sit until it’s her turn, thinking that she may be hurting. She turns her nose up at me and doesn’t say anything. She continues making noises the whole time. It just so happens she gets routed to my register.)

Me: “Hello! Did you find everything you needed today?”

Customer: “I did, no thanks to any of you.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. We usually have people on the floor, but with how busy it is they’re not always out. You can always ask at customer service, and they can try to direct you, just for future reference.”

Customer: *huffs* “Yes. I can tell you’re all working so hard.”

(It’s obvious she’s being sarcastic, but I say:)

Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

Customer: “And another thing! Why didn’t you call anyone else up to help at registers? You usually do that. I was trying to tell you that.”

(Apparently, that was what her noises meant.)

Me: “I’m sorry. We actually have everyone available at registers right now.”

Customer: “No, you don’t!”

Me: “We only have six workers today, and it has been unusually busy. I’m sorry for your wait.”

(She huffs again and rolls her eyes.)

Customer: “You’re obviously new, so I’ll explain. Go on your radio and call those two—” *points to the cutting counter* “—to come over here on register.”

Me: “Oh. They can’t actually come over, as they have their own line to worry about. We need them at cutting counter.”

(The customer just huffs again loudly and shakes her head. I finish ringing her out and she’s about to go on her way. Then she turns to the employee on the other register, who’s been here a long while.)

Customer: “Honestly! These young people have no sense these days. Tell your manager this one needs more training!”

(The other employee did end up reporting me without asking what happened. I explained to my manager, but she said I still should have told her about the complaint. I had to rewatch all the training videos, despite the fact that everyone said I did nothing wrong.)

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