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Clean-Up On Aisle Pee

, , , | Right | November 23, 2020

I’ve taken my four-month-old puppy to the pet store to grab a few bits. Whilst I’m in the puppy toy section, my puppy finds something interesting to sniff at. I soon realise it appears to be a patch of dried pee. When I go up the front to pay, I decide to inform the cashier.

Me: “Hi, just these, please. Oh, and just to let you know, it looks like a dog peed in between the puppy toys and dog beds.”

The cashier shoots me an odd look.

Cashier: “Thanks. These things do happen.”

I paid for my stuff and left. Halfway home, I realised that the cashier assumed my puppy had been the one to pee and I just didn’t want to clean it up!

The next time I went in there, she was a little curt with me, but since I’m now a regular, she has started to be quite chatty. Thankfully, my dog has never had an accident in the store, but if he did, I would always clean it up!

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