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Clean Out Of Common Sense

| Romantic | May 30, 2014

(I notice that my husband, after offering to cook dinner, oven-cooked a large steak on a pizza pan covered with tinfoil…)

Me: “Wow. No wonder you were saying the steak juice was running everywhere.”

Husband: “Yeah. None of the pans were big enough, so I had to improvise.”

(I look at him, trying to decide if I really heard what I think I just did.)

Husband: *catching my look* “Yeah, the big pan was there.” *points at a dirty cake pan on the counter*

Me: “You could have improvised with a sponge.”

Husband: “A… sponge?”

Me: *realizing he’s trying to figure out how to soak up meat juice with a sponge in the oven* “You could have washed it.”

Husband: *massive eye-roll* “Then dinner would have been later.”

(I thought I was making sense, but apparently he’d rather attempt to wipe up meat juice leaking out of a burning hot oven than wash a pan. Good thing the oven is self-cleaning.)

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