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Classic Nick…

| Working | July 26, 2017

(I work as a rides operator at a small fairy-tale themed amusement park in my hometown. On this day, I’m driving the train, which tours the entire park and has a PA system mainly for me to talk to the passengers about the attractions we’re passing. We have a script, but we don’t have to follow it strictly. I often insert silly things to make the passengers smile, and I’m also a little bit of a practical joker. As I’ve just loaded a set of 50 passengers onto the train…)

Me: *over PA* “Hey, could you guys do me a big favor?”

Passengers: *general motions of “sure, what’s the favor?”*

Me: “The guy who’s running the carousel right now is named Nick. When we pass him, can you all yell out ‘Hi, Nick!’ at him?”

Passengers: *laughter, thumbs up, nods of approval*

Me: “Great, let’s go! Welcome aboard the [Park] Express.”

(I go through the rest of my opening spiel and start the train. I do the rest of the trip pretty normally. When we pass the carousel…)

Passengers: “HI, NICK!”

Random Passenger Dude: “I LOVE YOU, NICK!”

(The look Nick gave me when I passed him the next circuit around was priceless.)

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