Class Goes Through A Lot Of Red Tape

| WA, USA | Learning | November 13, 2015

(I am in a gifted education English class that combines grades seven-nine. The eighth and ninth graders are required by the school to read a certain book, and so our teacher takes them to the school library to get the book, leaving just us seventh graders alone in his room. Naturally, we decide to duct tape one of the students to his chair. Just because. When our teacher and the older students come back, we all sit in total silence with our best, innocent expressions on our faces.)

Teacher: *walks to front of room, stares at the duct-taped student, and speaks calmly* “Only in this class could I leave the room for five minutes and come back to this. Now please open your textbooks to chapter three.”

(We all comply, with the exception of the taped student, whose hands are stuck to the chair.)

Student: “Uh… [Teacher]?”

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