Clash Of The Cousins

| Related | April 16, 2013

(During spring break, the house has had cousins in and out for visits. My five-year-old son has wrestled and taken down his much larger 11-year-old cousin. A few days later, my son is chasing his 10-year-old female cousin around the house. She comes into the kitchen where my husband and I are eating breakfast.)


Me: “You DO weigh twice as much as him, you know…”

(My cousin turns, feeling a bit of courage from my statement, and faces down her pint-sized attacker.)

Husband: “Yeah, but you remember he took down [11-year-old cousin] the other day; pretty ferociously, too.”

(My cousin’s eyes get wide, and she realizes my deception just as my son collides with her midsection in a fit of giggly bear-hugs.)

Me: “Hush, you! We’re encouraging comedic gold, here!”

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