Citizens Of Puooiam, The Customer Is Always Right

| Right | September 1, 2008

Me: ¬†”… we will pick you up at the Pulliam airport.”

Customer: ¬†”How do you spell Pulliam?”

Me: ¬†”P as in Paul, U as Umbrella, L as in Lily–”

Customer: ¬†”Lily doesn’t start with O. ¬†You meant to say Oscar.”

Me: ¬†”But the letter is L. As in Lily, Lock, Luke…”

Customer: ¬†”None of those words start with O.”

Me: ¬†”You’re right… anyway, it’s spelled it PULLIAM.”

Customer: ¬†”You mean PUOOIAM.”

Me: ¬†”Sure…”

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