Cigarettes And Whine

| Friendly | April 21, 2017

(My friend isn’t much for whining. She will tell us to stop whining often with colourful language. She does support us with advice but also reminds us that whining never fixes anything. After years of us trying to get her to stop smoking, she has recently given up smoking after some health issues and is in full whining mode, the first time I have ever seen it.)

Me: “Do you want cheese with that?”

Friend: *stops whining* “With what?”

Me: “Your whine”.

Friend:  “B****.” *laughs and then turns to another friend and puts on a full on fake whining voice* “[Friend #2], [My Name] was b****y to me.”

Friend #2: “What? [My Name] is never b****y; what did she say?”

Friend: *extra whiney voice* “She asked me if I wanted cheese with my whine! I don’t whine.”

Friend #2: “Oh, for God’s sake, I swear I’m going to buy you a pack of cigarettes.”

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