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Chutney: Totally Worth Blowing Up Over

, , , | Working | January 28, 2020

(I am out to dinner with my family at a small place I’ve never been to. It’s not themed or anything and its menu is plain and simple. I order a hamburger and chips. The menu doesn’t list the ingredients, but I just assume that it’ll be your standard burger maybe with lettuce, tomato, and other assorted vegetables. I’m not picky, so I don’t usually mind what comes on it. The burger arrives and it appears to just have one big leaf of lettuce aside from burger and bun. I take a bite, and immediately, I can tell this isn’t a regular burger. I open it up to find that under the big piece of lettuce is what I can only assume is chutney with slices of onion throughout it. It’s at this point that I think it’s my own fault for not asking what comes on the burger. I scrape off as much as I can of the chutney and eat as much of the burger as I can. When the waitress comes back to collect the plates, she frowns.) 

Waitress: “Did you not like the burger?”

Me: “Oh, no, it was fine, I’m just not a super fan of chutney or onions, and they just overwhelmed the burger taste a bit.”

(She still looked unhappy but continued her work. I thought that was the end of it until the bill came and a rather angry man followed our waitress to the table. Turns out he was the chef and he proceeded to shout and scream at me about how I was ungrateful and greedy for not loving his cooking no matter what it was.)

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