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Chronic For The Tonic

, , , , | Right | October 27, 2019

(I am a male checkout supervisor, running the department on my own for a while. I get called over to the self-scan checkouts.)

Colleague: “This lady forgot to get tonic water. Can you get some for her?”

Me: “Sure.” *to customer* “Any particular brand, madam?”

Customer: *rudely* “TON-NIC WA-TER!”

(I go to the water aisle and find we’re all out; it has been very hot. I take back some sparkling water, instead.)

Me: “Sorry about the wait. I’m afraid we were all out so I brought–”

Customer: “TON-NIC WA-TER!” *to my colleague* “Is he new? Is he always this rude and useless? I said TON-NIC WA-TER!”

Me: “We were all out, but—”

Customer: “TON-NIC WA-TER!” *leaves in a huff, still repeating, “TON-NIC WA-TER!”*

Colleague: “I’m so sorry about that. How rude!”

(Turns out she had been rude to every male colleague in the store! We made sure only females dealt with her afterwards, whom she was always really nice to!)

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