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Christmas Starts Earlier But The Humbugs Last Until February

, , , | Right | December 17, 2020

It’s early February, so the last of our Christmas stock is on clearance at very low prices in a clearance bin. A customer comes to the tills with a basket full of boxes of Christmas cards — usually £2 for a box of forty, discounted to 20p — and a particularly sour expression. Some of our grumpier-looking customers actually turn out to be pretty cheerful, though, so I try some cheery banter.

Me: “Stocking up for next year?”

Customer: *Mumbles incoherently*

Me: “Sorry? I didn’t—”

Customer: “You should be sorry! The prices on these are disgusting.”

She slams the basket onto the counter, causing the top boxes to fall out.

Me: “They’re actually heavily discounted to clear our stock—”

Customer: “I know! You shouldn’t do that; now they’ll be filling my cupboards all year, and then I’ll only forget I bought them by next Christmas, anyway.”

I’m tempted to point out that nobody is forcing her to buy them, but I figure that life will be easier without making conversation. I scan one of the boxes and then count them to enter the quantity.

Customer: “You should scan them all; they’re all different ones!”

Me: “It’s okay; they still use the same barcode for all of them even though it’s different pictures.”

Customer: *Grunts*

I can’t remember how many boxes she ended up buying, but it was the last of our stock; scanning them all one by one would have taken a lot longer. I really wish that we still had the confectionery at our tills; I’d have been tempted to offer this customer a humbug.

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