Christmas Isn’t Ruined; It’s Spoiled

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(It’s the holiday season, and this year, my younger brother and I have decided to spend our own money to buy Christmas presents for our family, including our three younger cousins. As we’re high school students and our only jobs are as baseball umpires, we don’t have a ton of money, but it’s enough to get my five-year-old cousin a stuffed dinosaur and my twelve-year-old cousins sunglasses. I’m slightly concerned because the gifts were relatively inexpensive; our cousins are very demanding and spoiled, and their parents and our grandparents feed right into that. On Christmas Day, this happens when we go to open presents.)

Twelve-Year-Old Cousin #1: “A pair of sunglasses! Ooh!” *tries them on and says, angrily* “But these are made of plastic and aren’t [Really Expensive Brand]. I don’t like them!” *throws them on the ground*

Twelve-Year-Old Cousin #2: “Cheap, cheap, cheap! Good thing we have other presents that I actually like.” *tosses her sunglasses into the garbage can*

Twelve-Year-Old Cousin #1: “Mom, can we go get [Really Expensive Brand] tomorrow? Please, please!”

Aunt: “Yes, of course, dear. We’ll make this okay.” *glares at brother and me*

Five-Year-Old Cousin: “Daddy, I don’t like my dino! Get me a new one now!” *throws the dinosaur across the room*

Uncle: “Of course, buddy. We don’t want you to have things you don’t like.”

Five-Year-Old Cousin: “Yay!” *blows a raspberry at brother and me*

Aunt: “You two have ruined my children’s Christmas! I hope you’re happy with yourselves!”

Mom: “[Aunt], the boys spent their own money, and [My Name] even drove them to get it. It was what they could afford.”

Aunt: “Don’t make excuses for them! They shouldn’t be such cheapies! My children will always have plenty of money to spend on only the nicest things.”

Mom: *opens mouth to argue but instead says nothing*

Grandmother: “Let this be a lesson to you boys. If you don’t have enough money for something, go ask your parents for it. You know perfectly well that they’re wealthy, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded. Because of you, Christmas is ruined.”

(This wasn’t the only incident of favoritism shown toward my cousins. Because of issues like this, my extended family and I are not very close, which is too bad because I had a great holiday aside from that.)

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