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Christmas is VERY Important

, , , , , | Working | August 29, 2020

This was a while ago, but I was working at a company where their people had different lunchtimes due to the different shifts. Because I worked in a specialist department, I always went for lunch at 1:00 pm; everyone knew this and if there were any issues my manager was available while I was on lunch.

I go to lunch as usual and come back to find that at 1:15 I was sent an invite for an urgent meeting at 1:20 that day, which I obviously missed.

I’d gone out for lunch, and I can’t access my emails when not at my desk so I had no way of knowing about the meeting.

Worried that I am in trouble or something, I call the lady who was in charge of the meeting to find out what I missed. It was a meeting about planning the Christmas party. 

So, yeah. Nothing urgent at all.

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