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Christmas And Diabetes, A Match Made In… The North Pole?

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When I was very young, I had all the clues but came to the very wrong conclusion about one of childhood’s hard truths.

1) My father, a diabetic, always had healthier snacks like veggie sticks.

2) We left healthy snacks out for Santa instead of cookies. Not carrots for the reindeer, but veggie sticks for Santa himself.

Now, instead of putting one and one together to get two, I instead realized that my dad was fat and Santa — from all the pictures I’d seen depicting him — was, too. My dad ate veggie snacks cause of diabetes related to his weight, and we left veggie snacks for Santa.

I then promptly decided that Santa had diabetes, instead of realizing there was no Santa and it was my dad putting out the presents. Upon telling my dad about this revelation years later, he started laughing and agreed that technically, I wasn’t wrong.

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