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Christmas 2017 Roundup!

, | Right | December 24, 2017

Once again it is the season for giving, and taking, and taking some more, and refunding, and moaning, and entitlement. Know that you’re not alone in reading this roundup of mostly outrageous (and some sweet) Christmas-themed stories that might make you need one more glass of eggnog…


Talking Turkey – See what happens when you try to roast a turkey upside down.

And I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day  – It’s always Christmas somewhere… apparently.

Christmas Is Just A Game To Her  – Because how dare customer service staff want to go home and spend time with their families?

Christmas Karma – You shouldn’t try to police Christmas.

The Gift Card That Keeps On Giving – The smallest gesture can make the entire holiday.

Ask And Ye Shall Receive – They were being totally un-wii-seonable so they got what they deserved.

Never Piss Off A Man With A Meat Cleaver – They want a turkey but they’re about to turn chicken.

Talking Turkey During Prayer  – Pray that you turned the oven on!

The Boss Didn’t Record Your Request – A true Christmas miracle.

Being Good, For Goodness’ Sake – Santa knows more than he lets on…

One Good Takeout Deserves Another – Returning the favor is kosher.


From all of us at Not Always Right, we wish you a very happy holidays!

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