Christians: Thou Shalt Not Spit On Teenagers

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(I am 17, visiting my grandparents in southern Florida for a few weeks during the summer. I am bi and I wear a gender-equality necklace at all times on plain display. This has rarely ever been an issue to people. I am looking around for peppers to make a homemade jambalaya with my grandmother when a man approaches me wearing a familiar red trucker cap.)

Hat Guy: “Hold on, boy. Do you know what that necklace means?”

(One worker looks over and sees my necklace. She gives me a pained “I’m sorry” face and goes off to find her manager.)

Me: “Oh, I know it pretty well, buddy. May I ask, do you know what that hat means, big guy?”

Hat Guy: “It means that people like you should get out of our d*** country!”

(Quite a few people turn and look at both of us in apparent disgust. To my relief, the worker from earlier appears to be returning with a manager.)

Me: “Oh, look, a manager.” *gesturing towards him* “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

(Hat Guy looks at the manager, who happens to be a tall young man wearing a pin that says “Gaymer,” but Hat Guy doesn’t notice.)

Hat Guy: “Get this d*** [gay slur] out of here! I thought this was a Christian place!”

(The manager says something to the worker who quickly scurries off.)

Manager: “Sir, we are not affiliated with any religion, race, or political party. But we will not have people harassing paying customers.”

(As he says this, the worker returns with a security guy, or at least a loss prevention guy; I never inquired.)

Guard: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave, or I will call the police and have you removed for disorderly conduct.”

(Hat Guy turns to the manager, who gestures to his pin, causing Hat Guy’s eyes to widen.)

Hat Guy: “That’s why! You’re one of them! D*** [slurs] trying to taint my food! I’m never gonna be like one of you!”

(He then proceeded to SPIT ON MY FACE and leave the store. I thanked the manager and complimented his pin. He offered to help me find my items and gave me a 20% discount, too. If you read this, gay manager dude, thanks for helping, and the jambalaya is now my trademark family dish!)

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