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Chose A Bad Time To ‘P’

| Friendly | August 8, 2016

(I’m walking around the electronics section of a big box retailer. I’m bored and start texting my best friend. We’ve been talking about Pokémon Go. We love teasing each other about our typos.)

Me: “I could get on a bus and catch them without too much walking.”

Best Friend: “LOL. Yes you could, but doesn’t that kind of defeat part of the purpose?”

Me: “But it’s hot outside!”

Best Friend: “I am aware. It’s hot here, too. The temp has actually dropped a ton since the storm system moved in. An hour ago it was 9p outside with the heat index temp at 102. It’s 75 now, with no heat index.”

(A pause.)

Best Friend: “*90.”

Me: *checks time and sees that it’s a few minutes after 10 pm* “Yes it was 9 pm an hour ago.”

Best Friend: “Shut it, woman.”

Me: “You love me.”

Best Friend: “Uh-huh.”

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