Chocolate Cures All, Part 4

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A man comes up to buy a pair of shoes. These are rather expensive shoes that have a bit of a sale going on. We’re allowed to give a coupon out if they apply for the store’s credit card. I mention this to him, and he happily obliges. I don’t remember if he was accepted or not, but he still gets his 30% off.

Customer: “Thank you very much!”

He proceeds to finish his transaction with cash. At the end, he looks over to the candy bars at the register.

Customer: “Do you have a recommendation for Godiva bars?”

Me: “I personally just like the plain milk chocolate. Nothing really beats simplicity.”

He grabs a milk bar, and I run it through for a second transaction. He takes the bar, wrapping it with the receipt, and hands it to me.

Customer: “For you, since you helped me out with a discount.”

That completely made my day. I’ve kept the wrapper in my memory box since it’s a treasured memory.

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