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Chits And Giggles

| Related | January 22, 2013

(My family is normally very strict about language. We’re usually never allowed to say anything that sounds even remotely inappropriate. My family is also really into a game called ‘The Settlers of Catan’.)

Me: “Do you need any help setting up the board?”

Brother #1: “Nah. I just need to find a place to put all these chits.”

(I stare at him for a moment.)

Brother #1: *realizing I had misheard him* “Oh. That’s what they’re called. Chits. It
sounds wrong, but it’s not. That’s just what they’re called.”

Dad: “Jeez, [Brother 1], get your chit together!”

Brother #2: “Yeah, [Brother #1] Just take your chit and get out of here!”

Brother #1: “Hey now, watch that chitty language!”

(They all laugh for a moment, but I remain quiet.)

Dad: “What’s the matter?”

Me: “I want to join in, but I can’t think of anything to say.”

Brother #1: “I’m sure you’ll-”

Me: “I guess I can’t think worth chit!”

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