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Chipping Away At Customer Service One Nugget At A Time

, , , | Right | March 4, 2022

I am in line at the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant behind an SUV that has several religious bumper stickers extolling love, virtue, etc., and a LARGE portrait sticker on their rear window of a religious deity. They pull up to the order box.

SUV: “Do you have [chicken sandwich]?”

Employee: “No, sorry, that’s been discontinued.”

SUV: “Okay, well, I need a minute, then.”

The SUV driver convenes with the passenger for a minute or so.

SUV: “Well, I want nuggets. The five-piece nuggets.”

Employee: “Okay, would you like plum sauce with that?”

SUV: “Yes.” *Pauses* “Can you make that two five-piece nuggets?”

She says this at the same time the employee is asking if she would like anything else, so they’re both talking at the same time.

Employee: “Pardon?”

SUV: “A second order of nuggets! A second order of nuggets! I’ve already said it three times!”

Employee: “Okay, so that’s two orders of nuggets. Do you want plum sauce with that, as well?”

SUV: “Yes! Two orders of nuggets and two fries!”

Employee: “Sorry, you want fries, as well?”

SUV:Yes! How many times do I have to say it?!”

At this point, I can hear all the customer service pleasantness drop from the cashier’s voice and she sounds as annoyed as I feel.

Employee: “Okay, will that be all?”

SUV: “Yes.”

Employee: “Okay, please drive up.”

SUV: “I want to place a second order.”

Employee: “Okay, what would you like?”

SUV: “I want another order of five-piece nuggets with plum sauce.”

Employee: “Is that everything?”

SUV: “Yes.”

Employee: “Okay, please pull forward.”

The SUV finally moves forward and I place my order as clearly and politely as I can. Once the SUV gets to the window, I am still behind her. The employee passes the card machine out the window, and the driver taps her smartwatch to pay. Then she passes it out again to pay for the second order. At this point, I can only hear the SUV side of the conversation.

SUV: “I already paid.”

The employee pulls the machine in for a few seconds, says something, and sticks it out again.

SUV: “But I already paid for my order!”

Again, the employee said something to her, and the SUV tapped her smartwatch while sighing. The food was passed out and they very slowly drove away. I got my order, paid, complimented the employee’s mask to try to cheer her up, and then drove away, as well. When I drove around the building to exit the parking lot, the SUV was parked at an angle across a handicap space and a regular space, loudly arguing with their passenger. I had a strong suspicion that they were going to complain that they didn’t get drinks.

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