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Children Playing! In A Park?! How Dare They!

, , , | Right | June 29, 2022

I have worked at a senior centre-cum-boules court in a park in the past, with most people there being the sort you could actually have decent conversations with.

But, of course, not everything was idyllic: there was one man, claiming to have been a hunter of sorts, who was rather rude to staff and a few regular visitors alike, whose antics ultimately pushed me to quit.

The most egregious thing he did? One day, in the same park, a children’s birthday party was going on: the party was not particularly close to the centre, and while loud, it could be heard only if you stayed outside the building itself anyway.

This old guy went for a smoke on the outside, finished his cigarette, then came back in and had the audacity to tell me I “had” to go to the party and tell them to stop because “they were disturbing the elderly here”, even if, again, nothing of the said party could be heard from the outside.

Being diplomatic didn’t work, showing him that nobody else in the place was bothered didn’t work, telling him to deal with it didn’t work, and suggesting to just leave for the day didn’t work: HE was bothered by the children’s party on the other side of the park, and by God was he going to get it shut down somehow, complaining about it for a long time. And even when the party eventually ended, he wasn’t entirely happy because it “took them too long”.

No wonder he was never directly invited to any events we organized.

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