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Children Playing? How Rude!

, , | Right | July 13, 2021

I’m stocking shelves in the back of the store I work in. The store is set up with shelves only being 5,2 feet tall, so you can see any part of the store from anywhere. By the entrance, there is a group of kids being loud and looking at things but not really bothering anyone. Suddenly, an older woman yells at me and gets my attention.

Customer: “You need to tell them to quiet down; they are ruining my shopping experience.”

Mind you, these kids are hardly even eight years old.

Me: “It wouldn’t help if I told them to quiet down. They would not learn their lesson and would come back another day being just as disruptive.”

Again, no one else was bothered by these kids. The customer went over and yelled at the kids, telling them to leave the store and stop bothering serious customers. The kids left, and she left herself a minute later without buying anything.

The store I work in is a toy store.

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