Children Of The Corn-Dogs

| UT, USA | Related | August 1, 2012

(I work as a games attendant. My coworker is running a game that involves three or more people racing each other to win a prize. An elderly man walks up to her game and pays up near $60 for all his grandchildren and children, roughly 30 people, to play. After they have won several prizes, the family gets ready to walk away.)

Mother: “What do we say to Pa?”

Kids: “Thank you Pa!”

(At this point they gather, holding hands, into a circle around their grandpa and begin to sing.)

Family: *singing* “Thank you Pa! Thank you Pa! Yahoo for Pa!” *they throw their hands up in the air and spin around*

(The look on my coworker’s face is priceless. Another coworker, who was walking past at the time, also stops and stares. We are all trying not to laugh. I finally can’t hold it in anymore and have to hide in my backroom until the family leaves.)

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