Childish Childhood Sweethearts

Romantic | July 8, 2012

(An elderly couple comes into the store. While the husband is finishing up his shopping, the wife looks at him across the store.)

Wife: *to me* “I have to look after him as he is getting old, but it’s something I will never complain about.”

Me: “That is very sweet. How long have you been married?”

Wife: “It should have been 52 years. He was my childhood sweetheart, but it’s only 30 years. My parents wouldn’t allow the marriage, so we parted and eventually found each other again.”

(She looks at her husband very lovingly as he slowly walks up to the counter.)

Husband: “I know what that look means, and no, I’m too old. The only thing that’s going up is the bill because I just bought you more stuff!”

(They were the most amazing and hilarious couple I have ever met.)

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