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Childish Behavior, Part 2

| Friendly | November 9, 2016

(I’m walking up the high street behind a random man, who’s just about to pass a charity worker. They tend to gather here to encourage people to sign up.)

Charity Worker: *trying to block his path* “Sir! Sir, how are you today?”

Man: *walks around him* “Fine, thanks.”

Charity Worker: *speeds up to walk alongside him* “Would you like to hear about the work of [Children’s Charity] today and how you can help us improve the lives of children throughout the UK?”

Man: *veering away* “No, thanks. I have to go.”

Charity Worker: “For as little as £25 a month, you could make a huge difference to them! Let me tell you about the ways in which you could help us—”

Man: *speeding up* “I’m not interested!”

Charity Worker: *stopping and shouting down the street after him* “SIR! DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!”

Man: *over his shoulder* “NOT REALLY, NO!”

Childish Behavior

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